Business Transcription


Scribe BPO creates transcripts by an exceptionally prepared, committed fragment of our broad transcriptionist network. These transcriptionists are completely reviewed and have all consented to thorough Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which guarantee total customer classification and security.

By utilizing our transcription administrations, experts can concentrate on recording procedures, meetings and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, our market-driving First Draft administration enables experts to set aside huge time and money.

With the modernization of communication, most business meetings, seminars, conferences, interviews or brainstorming sessions require proper documentation of proceedings. While remembering every detail discussed is near to impossible, recording the proceedings can avoid undue disputes and controversies. The challenges faced by most organizations is finding a partner for transcription services with trained transcribers who can accurately transcribe recordings at an affordable price, and maintain high level of confidentiality with professionalism and excitement.

Our experienced transcriptionists provide quality business transcription services in order to meet the demands of the business as well as their clients. We understand that business meetings, letters, etc. often include financial data, new business strategies and competitive strategies, which we have the experience and know how to handle with care.

Because of the confidentiality often involved with business transcription services, we will provide an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and/or a confidentiality agreement at any time.

A leading provider of quality, accurate, and affordable business transcription services.

Select a turnaround time that suits you best — from same day service to discount service (3-4 weeks). Select the desired format of transcript you need.

We cover all transcription needs including meetings, board meetings, conferences, speeches, and one-on-one interviews.

we can provide all kinds of business transcription services. We accurately transcribe business transcription for the following: