Medical Billing and Coding

We are here to apprehend that the cost cycle management for medical practices has become more complicated than ever. It has become tough for physician billing service providers and medical billing agencies to keep pace. This results in incorrect or delayed filing of claims and poor reimbursements.

Our robust process is defined in such a way that we do not miss out on any step so no money is left uncollected. Scribe BPO works with a unique process workflow combined with smarter analytics and smarter technology.

Robust Process:
We at Scribe BPO ensure to make your medical billing & coding process smoother. We're dedicated to help you optimize your medical billing collections so you get paid what you deserve.

As medical billing specialists, we rely on the proven combination of our billing footsteps check and expert staff to get complete result of your claims paid.

Focus on Patient Care:
At Scribe BPO, our dedicated medical claims and billing specialist staff takes on the most time-consuming administrative work, freeing you to focus on your plans for growth and on improving the quality of patient care.

Enhanced Results:
Scribe BPO enhances performance and brings a new level of effectiveness for practices and our partner medical billing companies. We at Scribe BPO provide health insurance billing and insight for your practice on continuous basis.

  • Full or Partial Billing Services
  • Coding services
  • Account Receivable Audits & Collections
  • Aggressive Insurance Collections
  • Billing Organization
  • Claims Follow-up
  • Electronic Claims Resubmission
  • Patient Billing & Collections
  • Payment Posting
  • Details Monthly Reports
  • Provide Temporary Staffing Assistance
  • Evaluate & Review your Billing Structure
  • Billing information can be picked up, faxed, Fedex or mailed.

Scribe Billing Services exists to help medical providers and clinics improve their financial performance. We provide the tools and insights to achieve your business objectives.

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Eliminate medical billing headaches
  • Collect more money faster
  • Reduce staffing liabilities
  • Reduce payer denials
  • Reduce errors
  • Focus on patient care not billing

Our Proven Scribe Medical Billing Process is guaranteed to improve your collection percentages. The Scribe Medical Billing Process includes:

  • Efficient, accurate and complete data exchange
  • Electronic and paper claims processing
  • Aggressive AR follow up and insurance collections, payment postings & EOB analysis
  • Patient Statements and balance collections
  • Monthly practice analysis & collections reporting meetings


  • Easy and speedy Reimbursement, average return in 14 days
  • Full interrogation with HER
  • E&M guideline based billing
  • Primary and secondary billing/rebilling
  • Accelerated billing process at competitive rates
  • Individual and personalized attention
  • Identifying underpaid claims and underpayments
  • One touch eligibility verifications and chart setup
  • Analyzing aging reports
  • Real-time reporting
  • Lower claims rejections
  • AR followup services
  • 24/7 web based access, cloud based software
  • Dynamic online scheduler
  • Increased cash flow

Medical Coding Complete, accurate, legible & timely documentation

  • AAPC credentialed coders
  • Efforts to reduce RAC audits
  • Specialty specific versatile coding services
  • Accurate & stringent quality checks
  • CPT and ER with E&M medical coding
  • ICD-10 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines