Medical Scribe

Scribe BPO Virtual Scribe Services

As a leading medical scribe company, assures you of accuracy, professionalism, HIPPA compliant medical scribe services and an overall smooth workflow experience. Our virtual scribe services allows your Physicians to get back to the business of patient care, while still taking advantage of the benefits of your EMR.

Scribe BPO Virtual Scribe Services offers a full array of completely customizable medical scribe options to accommodate every Provider in your medical practice, clinic or hospital. We will match your Physicians with our experienced Virtual Medical Scribes. Scribe BPO Virtual Scribe Services offers a Support Option for Hospitals, Physician Centers and all Healthcare Providers. It is compatible with virtually any EMR software (web or client-side platforms) and helps today’s healthcare organizations realize full utilization and adoption of their EMR.

Scribe BPO virtual scribe is connected to each patient visit via a HIPAA¬-compliant cross-platform (tablet, smartphone, and PC) video-conferencing app. Just a tap of the finger and the scribe is connected directly to your appointment, like FaceTime-ing with your scribe. As a highly-trained charting specialist, At Scribe BPO scribe can complete many tasks including the History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS), Physical Exam, Assessment/Plan, as well as other data entry. Scribe BPO provides premier scribes committed to compliance, privacy, and superb customer service. A Scribe BPO onsite medical scribe accompanies the physician into the examination room and completes the documentation in real-time, finishing before you even exit the appointment


With a detailed conceptual framework of Virtual Medical Scribe, Our specialists resolves your documenting tasks and time barrier with a single tap application tracing your end to end process.

Scribe BPO introduces its revolutionary virtual scribe system in order to serve the medical communities with utmost accuracy at simple costs. Our team connects with physicians beyond boundaries on-call round the clock, anytime! Our team extends our assistance through live scribing decreasing physician’s burden in documentation with our comprehensive patient charts delivering high quality care and maintain an accurate documentation on patient charts at limited budgets. Shorten your burden of data entry work by superior remote work.


  • Allows Physicians to return to pre EMR patient visit counts, while still reaping the benefits of the EMR
  • Professional way to counter the challenges of today’s EMR and increase productivity and patient face time
  • Virtual Scribe Services Increases Efficiency & Physician adoptability of EMR Systems
  • Virtual Services lets Healthcare Providers get back to seeing patients (literally & figuratively)
  • Eliminate the concern of Physician data entry
  • Reduce Physician charting time
  • Improve efficiencies to schedule more procedures and treat more patients
  • Minimal Technical/IT requirements
  • Complete system setup in 3 weeks

Provides Virtual Scribe Services for :

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Ambulatory Centers
  • Physician Centers
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Emergency (ER) Centers
  • General Practitioners
  • Other Medical


  • Maximize current EMR technology investments
  • Qualify for Federal incentives on EMR software
  • Improve the billing cycle from quick and accurate records
  • Meeting Meaningful Use expectations


  • Large healthcare systems with various EMR needs throughout multiple facilities
  • Specialty practices
  • Facilities supporting individual provider needs
  • Remote and rural healthcare facilities with limited IT budgets
  • Mobile healthcare providers


  • 30–40% savings over In-house Scribes expenditures
  • Eliminate payroll, workers comp, health insurance
  • Scribe BPO can invoice you monthly or you can pay by credit card


  • Scribe BPO Scribes have a minimum of 3 years’ experience
  • Scribe BPO has a well experience in Clinical Documentation
  • Fully Insured


  • Patient Charts Completed In Real Time
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Business Associate Agreements provided and signed upon request